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Frequently Asked Questions

Still not sure how My Wishing Well works? For answers to the most frequently asked questions.

What is My Wishing Well?

My Wishing Well is the future of gifting. A digital wishing well feature that saves your guests the hassle of cashing out money from an ATM, purchasing and writing out a greeting card. Saves you from receiving any unwanted physical gifts, opening all the greeting cards and counting the cash received.

What type of events can I use My Wishing Well for?

Wishing well can be used for a all types of events including weddings, engagements, birthdays, christenings, baby and bridal showers, fundraisers, honeymoon funds and more!

How much does My Wishing well cost to use?

My Wishing well is a free to use webapp, where the host can log on, create a file and event to start receiving gifts. The Guests do have a small transaction fee from the bank which comes to be the same as when they purchase a greeting card, we just find our way to be a more secure, convenient, and an environmentally friendly way of doing so. As for the host, a $2.00 transaction fee is deducted per gift transaction received.

How do I give a gift?

As the guest, you need to have received a QR code or an event code from the host, generally found on the invitation. Simply scan that QR code using your smart phone and it will direct you to our site. Follow the easy prompts from there on and you are good to gift.

What are my payment options?

Guests have the option to gift money via their credit cards. This is all safe and secure through our chosen payment gateway. Additional payment options such as Apple pay and Google Pay are also available.

Do I need to create an account to use the service?

As a guest, no you do not. You need to simply scan the QR code or enter the event code you received from the host and follow the prompts from there on.

As a host, yes you do. You need to create a file and include a few details of the event date, designated account you want the funds transferred to.

Is my personal information secure?

Sure is, our system is completely secure and protected.

How do I receive my funds?

The gifted money is transferred to your chosen account 24 hours after being requested to withdraw from the withdrawal page. The name of the guest, amount transferred, and personal message are also sent through via email for your records. This allows you to know who gifted you what and how you can return the favour in the future!

As a guest when are the funds taken from me?

The funds are taken instantly when you process the gifting transaction.