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A Better Way To Gift

We eliminate the hassles of gifting and receiving cash for your wedding.

Wishing well is the new and improved way of allowing guests to gift money for any event. Allows the host, to receive money gifts in a convenient, secure, and environmentally friendly way.

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1. Sign Up

Free sign up and get QR code.

2. Gift

Guest scan QR code and send gift.

3. Receive

Hosts receive gift in bank account.

5 Reasons To Use My Wishing Well

Wishing Well is the formal way of asking guests for money gifts rather than physical gifts.

Safe & Secure

It’s safe and secure, couples are not handling a large amount of cash at the end of a wedding night (or any event). Eliminates the use of having to hire security to man the wishing well box at the reception and then escorting it out of the venue.

Prefer Money As Gift

Let’s face it, newlyweds would prefer money as a gift rather than a physical gift and Wishing Well helps the guests understand that.

Eco Friendly

You’re not stuck with hundreds of greeting cards that get thrown out. Going digital is environmentally friendly and you still get a personal message from each guest!

Auto Lists

Wishing Well generates a list of all the money gifts received from your guests so you know how much to repay the favour in the future.

Saves Time

Saves the happy newlyweds time to enjoy their wedding night rather than sitting around and counting all the cash to then deposit it the next day at the bank.

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Gift smarter, celebrate more!

Celebrate with My Wishing Well to eliminate the hassles of gifting and receiving cash. Safely and conveniently send, manage and receive cash gifts.

With just 3 easy steps, you will be all set up to use this convenient digital feature and your guests will thank you for it!

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New & improved way to gift money!

Conveniently and safetly receive money gifts.

My Wishing well is the new and improved way of allowing guests to gift money for any event, it’s the future of gifting. The feature allows the recipients, also known as the host, to receive money gifts in a convenient, secure, and environmentally friendly way.

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Let Your Guests Pay In Advance Or On The Night!

We have created an 3 step platform that is simple to use, safe and a secure way of gifting cash.

1. Sign Up & Send QR Code

After creating an account and customising your profile, a QR code and unique ID is created for you to share with your guests.

Guests scan the QR code or enter the unique ID on the site, they are then redirected to the host’s profile to make a gift payment.

2. Gift

Guests can enter the cash amount they wish to gift by simply following the site prompts. They can also include a personal message as they usually would in a greeting card.

3. Receive

The host receives an email notification when gifts are received from the guests.

After the event, the funds are deposited into the host’s chosen account. Admin initiates the transfer within 48 hours into the nominated account less a $2 processing fee per transaction.

What Our Users Say About Us

I remember it took us over 4 hours to count all the cash my brother received on his wedding night, mum and dad were also there helping note down who gifted what amount… Another relative of ours used Mywishingwell, so I knew for my wedding, I definitely didn’t want to stay up counting gifts and writing down who gifted me what amount, so my husband and I used this service and will definitely use it for future events!

Sandra Khoury

Who has time these days to cash out from an ATM, find a nice card and write in it! I’m that person that would always organise this stuff on my way to the function because I would just forget. I would always pull up in a servo, cash out, buy a card and write it up at the servo because I didn’t even have a pen on me! This feature makes things so much easier as a guest!


I was a guest at an engagement party and noticed they had QR codes on the table to gift the newlyweds rather than physically giving cash which was so convenient. Brilliant service that I will definitely use for my big day!

Mrs Cornelius to be!

It just gave us all a peace of mind knowing our money gifts from our guests were safe. Didn’t need a family member to constantly go and empty out the wishing well in a bag. My cousin had it for her wedding which is why we decided we needed it for ours! It was also so easy as a guest, I didn’t have to worry about buying a card, cashing out money from the ATM and writing out the card. We definitely wanted our guests for our wedding to have that convenient option too which is why we chose MyWishingWell.

Georgia Johnson

My husband and I both come from a big family, so we had over 700 guests at our wedding. The thought of having to take back that wishing well home after our big night was daunting especially having it sit there all night at our reception was also concerning. A friend of ours recommended Mywishingwell and we couldn’t be more thankful! We didn’t have to worry about going home to count all the cash and read through all the cards, we simply received a lumpsum of all the money the next day in our joint account and all the messages from our beautiful guests.

Samantha White

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